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Photography Tips

 Photography Tips

By presenting your home in an attractive way  you can improve the value of your home and in turn increase your selling price.  We recommend that you view the property as if you were seeing it for the first time through a potential buyers eye.  Can you see things that need fixing, cleaning or improving?  Remember that first impressions count with a buyer so try to present your home in a way that will be fresh and appealing. We always recommend professional photography.  The largest percentage of buyers look either on line or in a real estate publication for properties.  This is when they make a decision to view your property based on the photos or video published.  Professional photography is money well spent in attracting the largest amount of buyers to your home.

Preparing your home for photography and marketing


-Make sure the house is spotless

-Eliminate clutter- especially from kitchen and bathroom counter tops

-Open curtains and blinds to let in light.

-Make sure beds are made and rooms are tidy

-Don't put excess goods under beds as that tends to show in photos

-Clean bathrooms and either remove towels and mats or put fresh ones out.

- Put down toilet seats


-Mow lawns and footpath

-Make sure paths are clear and gardens are looking their best

-Hide bins or any clutter around the outside of the house

-Make sure cars are out of the driveway