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Moving Tips

Moving for any household can be a daunting job.  If you have been in a house for a very long time you are likely to have accumulated a large amount  of belongings that need to be sorted.  It is a good idea to start as soon as possible to de-clutter and organise your goods.  Find an area or shed away from the living area when you can box up items that you want to dispose of or don't need on a daily basis.  Work through the home, room by room when you have the time and by moving day you should be well on the way to being organised.  If you wish to dispose of goods a garage sale generally is a good idea or most charity shops are happy to pickup furniture and bric-a-brac.

Town & Country Real Estate can recommend a quality removal company to consult with you on your move. They have the resources and facilities to be able to store and handle your belongings as well as providing boxes and packing materials as required.   Contact us for details.

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